PICENO Traditions: Truffle Cooking Holidays, Coppersmiths, Pottery Marche Italy

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PICENO Traditions
Nel paese dei Ramai, Coppersmiths, Pottery, Cappello di paglia, Country Painting,
nonna's secrets, Truffle Hunting & Wine tasting

Here in these lands, where the perfumes of the nature lasts inside your soul, was born the idea of RamusŤ. I left this area a few years ago to dedicate myself to the export of local black and white truffles for the London restaurants and the Borough Market. The precious tuber was quickly appreciated by important chefs such as Jamie Oliver,Giorgio Locatelli, Carluccio, Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc and others. I met Gennaro Contaldo (well known television celebrity chef and mentor of Jamie Oliver) who in 2004 decided to spend some time at the house before I restored it and shoot an episode of his famous TV programme together with good food live .

The perfumes of the truffle reminded me of the sweet hills surrounding Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche and I returned home in 2005 The restoration of the house which was once my grandparents took two years to complete. The charm of the original local materials used, in particular the terracotta, has restored to the rooms the antique magic of the country house. The name RamusŤ derives from the word Baccaiamento (old and local Forcese dialect) that in its original wording means : friend-lets go friend. The Truffle hunter Paolo Ciccioli