Agriturismo nelle Marche con piscina

Taste of Marche, discovering the Italian traditions between food, wine and art history, 1250,00€ pp/week all included
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Taste of Marche, combines:
Taste of Marche combines Italian cooking classes with wine tastings and Art Tours in Marche, Umbria and Tuscany. If you have a passion for cooking, and Art, this is the vacation for you. Everyday a cooking class, excursion to Art Cities, visit to local markets to buy ingredients or picking aromatic herbs and vegetables from the kitchen garden. Cooking classes and dinners based on regional recipes at the Caravanserraglio restaurant. All land travel in Italy included in the itinerary by private air-conditioned 8 person coach.

Truffle Cooking Weekend, Black Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) Cooking Weekend Marche Italy
  • 1250,00€ pp/week includes
  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfasts
  • 4 cooking classes
  • 3 full-day excursions
  • 7 dinners & Wine tastings
  • 3 lunches
  • All ingredients for cookery classes

Detailed Itinerary of Taste of Marche, provisional program of the 1 week holiday

This is a preliminary itinerary and will be altered to accommodate seasonal activities or local festivals. However the essential content of the itinerary will remain the same.

  • Day 1
  • In the afternoon arrival, aperitif and introduction.
  • 8.00 pm Welcome dinner.
  • Day 2
  • Tranquil awakening at the peacefull agriturismo. The accommodation with breakfast at the Caravanserraglio agriturismo is in an independent apartment with kitchen. You'll find in the fridge milk, fresh bread, butter, home made marmelate, coffee and tea, for your breakfasts.
  • 10.00 am Excursion to the Basilica and convent of S. Nicola at Tolentino and to the Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra, surrounded by woods and Roman remains. Romanesque and Gothic architecture; Early 14th Century fresco's of Pietro da Rimini (school of Giotto)
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 8.00 pm.
  • Day 3
  • 9.30 am Excursion to Caldarola, guided visit to the exhibition "Simone De Magistris, a visionary painter between Lotto and El Greco", in the Rooms of Paradise. After a 5 minute walk we reach Castle Palotta (9th Century), that was transformed at the end of the sixteenth Century into Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta's summer villa, with frescos, stucco and antiqu??e furniture. At the small Renaissance City of San Severino we visit villa Palazzo Manuzzini with fresco's of the Salimbeni brothers (late 14th Century) contemporaries and followers of the great Early Renaissance painter Gentile di Fabriano. We also visit the crypt of the Romanesque church of S.Lorenzo with frescos of the Salimbeni.
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 8.00 pm
  • Day 4
  • 10 .00 am Cooking course.
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • Afternoon at leisure.
  • 5.00 pm Cooking course.
  • 8.00 pm Dinner.
  • Day 5
  • 9.00 am Excursion to Macerata, captial of the province. Today there's market in the historical part of the city.
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 3.00 pm We visit Palazzo Ricci, a villa with a beautiful collection of modern art: De Chirico, Medardo Rosso, Manzu, Ivo Pannaggi, Trubbiani and others.
  • 8.00 pm Dinner.
  • Day 6
  • 10 .00 am Cooking course.
  • 1.00 pm Lunch.
  • Afternoon at leisure.
  • 5.00 pm Cooking course.
  • 8.00 pm Dinner.
  • Day 7
  • 9.30 am Excursion to the Renaissance city of Urbino. In the morning we visit the Ducal Palace, with masterpieces of Titian, Raphael and Piero della Francesca.
  • Lunch
  • 3.30 pm Visit to the family house of the famous Renaissance painter Raphael and to the Oratory of Saint John with late Gothic fresco's of the Salimbeni brothers from San Severino.
  • 8.00 pm.
  • Day 8
  • After preparations farewell and departure...
  • General description of Taste of Marche
    The applied cooking and art classes are held in English. The maximum number of people for each group is eight, to guarantee our guests a personal entertainment and a good service.
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